This Sunday, Bishop Mary will be with at St. B’s as part of a three-year cycle of Episcopal visitations. She will celebrate and preach at the 8AM service and do the same at the 10AM service, where she will also confirm ten of our young members. I encourage you to participate in Bishop Mary’s visit in the following ways:

  • Attend either virtually or in person, according to your own comfort level and preference.
  • Keep our Confirmands in your prayers: Kenna Bradley, Addie Dring, Julianne Korb, Drew Krzemienski, Wilson Lark, Emmaline LeBuhn, Julia Smith-Marrone, Caitlin Thomas, Scarlett Zumbro and Alex Williams.

If you are planning to attend in person, at either service, please bear in mind that:

  • Physical-distancing measures are in place in the sanctuary.
  • We can accommodate 80 members, by including the North and South Transepts.
  • Mask wearing is still in place, and we have not yet reinstituted congregational singing.
  • Our newly installed heating and air conditioning system provides a comfortable environment for worship, while also helping to minimize concern about being indoors. The system automatically filters the air for viruses and other contaminants several times an hour.

As we face the uncertainties that the new coronavirus variant presents this holiday season, let us proceed with caution and hope, making the best of gains we’ve made, and adapting as the science becomes available.

Onward in Hope,