Clothing Sale

Sale Information

Every year in November we are proud to offer you the best in bargain shopping for women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and accessories. In addition to rack-upon-rack of better quality fall/winter clothing we will once have our unique Christmas Room and our Shopper’s Café featuring homemade soups and snacks for lunch. Quarts of frozen soup are available for sale in the Café. Donations for the sale are accepted year round.

The main purpose of this sale is to raise money to support the outreach efforts of the parish. Over the past twenty-five years St. Barnabas has donated over $848,000 to charitable organizations throughout the area. By shopping and/or donating you help us to continue this important mission.

Please see the church Calendar for upcoming Clothing Sale.


Donations Information

A few donation guidelines:

-Clothing should be free of stains or major damage.
-Shoes should be in a separate bag or box from clothes.
-Please do not leave your donations in the rain.

Clothing Sale Donations

Doors to the sale will open to the public on Wednesday, November 10, but if you donate clothing to the sale, you will receive a Donor’s Shopping Pass that will allow you entry to the sale one day ahead of the public.  

Donations can be dropped off at the church on Saturday, October 30 from 1-3pm when someone will be there to give you your Donor’s Shopping Pass and tax-deduction form. You can also call the office to set up an alternate time or leave donations outside at church, weather permitting. Please donate all clothes by Monday, November 1. 


Note we are NOT accepting children’s clothes or other thrift items.

Thank you for your continued generosity and support!