The Rev. Gareth Evans serves as the fourteenth rector of StBarnabas. He is married to Frances Bean and they have three children — Cassie, Charlie, and Jamie. He is an inspirational leader who brings significant pastoral experience, a depth of reverence to worship, and a relatable preaching style.

Ordained in 1996, Gareth has over 25 years of parish experience, serving churches in the Church of England and the Dioceses of Massachusetts and New York. He holds degrees from Oxford and Harvard. His wife, Fran plays a key role in parish life, leading programs for women, parents and children. She holds degrees from McGill and the University of Massachusetts.

Gareth is committed to nurturing and exploring faith in an open, welcoming way that leads to a deeper walk with God and builds community in parish life. He loves spiritual conversation about matters of the heart, mind and spirit all the while bringing an openness, sense of humor and curiosity to small group and one-to-one meetings.

Drop-in Hours: Wednesday 1:00-3:00 pm

Available for appointment or pastoral care:
Call the office on 914-591-8194 or contact
The rector’s sabbath (day off) is Monday, beginning at sundown on Sunday night.


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