Little St. B’s is a mighty church when it comes to giving away our treasure and we are smart about it. We give to organizations that our members care about and are involved in.  We do it this way because we value partner organizations that show forth God’s mercy, compassion and hope in the world, knowing that we, as a church cannot do it alone. 

Here’s how we help:

  • Annually, our charitable donations enhance the mission of numerous local charities through the proceeds of our clothing sales.
  • Thousands of people in the local community are helped by having access to affordable clothing
  • We give witness to a more sustainable model of living in a world where re-cycling saves tons of clothing from the landfill every year
  • We actively support The Tarrytown Food Pantry (led by Barbara Mahoney) and Yonkers Food Pantry (led by Pam Mitchell) with food donations and an annual grant
  • We encourage our children and youth to participate in The Midnight Run – a program led by Jean Sears that reminds homeless people in NYC that they are loved and that they matter
  • Our Refugee Family Resettlement program provides ongoing suppport
  • Our Diocesan Share supports other parishes in the Diocese with lessor means than St. Barnabas, as well as Episcopal missions overseas, among other important Diocesan activities

Our most visible form of outreach that we do is the Annual Outreach Clothing Sale, held each November.

The Annual Outreach Clothing Sale serves several important purposes:  It allows the community to recycle gently used clothes for women, men, and children; the event enables a great shopping environment at reasonable prices; and, the majority of the proceeds from the sale are redistributed back to the community in the form of grants-ranging anywhere from $500-$5,000, to charitable organizations. In the over twenty six years that The Clothing Sale has been held at St. Barnabas, countless fantastic clothes and accessories have found loving homes, and over $1,000,000 in grants in grants have flowed back into the community.