For those of you able to attend the Annual Meeting last Sunday, thank you so much! For those of you who could not make it, never fear; you can find the very well-produced recording below with all the information you need “baked into” the meeting. Again, I wish to thank the Communications Team who, with Vestry assistance, ensured that our online gathering went smoothly that day. After a year of constant disruptions to every aspect of church life, it felt very reassuring to be able to conduct our Annual Meeting with adeptness, in good order and a sense of mutual appreciation. 

As I look back on the events that have unfolded between last year’s Annual Meeting and the one just passed, I am struck by the resilience our church community has shown in the face of a global pandemic, an unprecedented election season, and civil unrest. Our lives have been impacted in ways we never imagined; and that goes for our church life, too.

So, that said, we will go forward in the Power of the Spirit, strengthened for the changing world we find ourselves in, and with confidence in God’s goodness and love.