Along with the gifts that the Magi bring to the manger, we are invited to bring love and concern, and practical and financial support to those in need. We do so to articulate the inner reality of the manger scene – a reality that lies hidden from view in a world darkened by disruptive forces, back then and right now. What we do together in Christian community is make hope manifest and tangible, and that is the good news of the Gospel at its core: the light of Christ has come into the world and the darkness has not overcome it. As Thomas Merton wrote on Christmas Day in 1966, calling for everyday to be The Epiphany: “Christ is born to us today, in order that He may appear to the whole world through us. This one day is the day of his birth, but every day of our mortal lives must be his manifestation.” Amen.
Extract from last Sunday’s sermon, Christmas 2 2022.
May the Light of Epiphanytide illuminate our path,