I am thrilled to welcome all our members back to church for either indoor or outdoor worship this Sunday. I also extend a very warm welcome to newcomers and visitors – please be assured of a respectful approach to mutual care and safety. In line with the safety protocols of Episcopal Churches across the County, please wear a mask in church (our younger members, in particular, are relying on us to keep them safe as are those who are immunocompromised).

If you prefer to worship outdoors, I encourage you to attend the four o’clock service on the spacious back lawn. In keeping with the spirit of this “Regathering Sunday,” I encourage you to stay afterwards for refreshments, which will include pizza (plain for the kids and less boring options for the grown-ups!). While we won’t be offering pizza after the morning service, I can promise you a very convivial and festive time based on my experience last Sunday.

I can honestly say I had forgotten how lovely it is to gather informally as a church family, after receiving Eucharist together. It’s one of the simple pleasures of church life I encourage everyone to rediscover for themselves!

Onward together,