Sixty-eight worshippers gathered for Easter Day Eucharist outdoors. This felt like a “breakthrough” moment given that we haven’t gathered as a worshipping community in such numbers since the lockdown began in March last year.

Although numbers aren’t everything, they do tell their own story. This Sunday, resurrection hope was the binding story; and those gathered on the front lawn gave public witness en masse to hope emerging from darkness. It was truly a hopeful sign of things to come, in terms of what we can look forward to in the months ahead. 

Going forward, the new liturgical pattern will be indoor/in-person church at 10AM, followed immediately by outdoor church at 11AM. This new pattern for Eastertide will incorporate those who would like to receive communion in the sanctuary and those who would like to gather on the back lawn overlooking the Hudson River. For those who prefer to join our service online, please know that this pandemic-driven adaption has become a permanent part of what we do.

Personally, I very much looking forward to developing “church on the lawn” as another enhancement to our worshipping life, and welcoming back those who feel comfortable returning to church over these coming weeks and months. 

You’re Welcome! See more details here: Sunday Worship Calendar

Onward in Resurrection Hope.