By now, you should all have received the Lenten devotions for 2021 entitled, A Story to Tell. I chose it because it focuses intelligently on texts from the Gospel of Mark that show Jesus’ journey from his baptism to the cross. This is also the gospel that we are focused on in our Sunday worship (Year B, according to the three-year cycle of readings in the Revised Common Lectionary). Plus, it’s pocket-sized and reminded me of the days when we routinely carried handy, pocket-sized manuals and planners of one kind or another.

On a deeper level, I felt it was important this year to offer a tangible sign of our shared spiritual journey as we continue to practice our faith apart from one another. To know we are all on the same page in our readings and prayers is very much a part of the corporate sense of belonging to the Body of Christ; and is very much in tune with our tradition of using a common book of prayer.

So, all that said, I hope you are finding that the readings and reflections resonate with your own story as we immerse ourselves in God’s story of forgiveness, comfort and love.

Onward in Lent,