In this episode, St. Barnabas Rector, Gareth Evans, and Communications Intern, Hope Durot, traveled to “Strawberry Fields” in New York City’s Central Park to immerse themselves in a profound sense of gratitude for the wisdom of John Lennon’s lyrics. In particular, they discuss John’s commitment to parenting and how children are such a blessed source of wonder and affection. And, while standing at the famous “Imagine” medallion in the heart of the park, Gareth and Hope focus on John’s allusion in that song to a world of religion-less faith, but one filled with the love espoused by Jesus. “God is love; all we need is love.”

About this series

“How the Beatles relate to the Gospels” is a series of brief podcasts produced by St. Barnabas Church in Irvington, NY, featuring Rector Gareth Evans and the Church’s Communications Intern, Hope Durot, a student at Mercy College. Gareth and Hope both have a love and appreciation for the Beatles and the deeper meaning behind many of their famous songs. Every few weeks, Gareth and Hope, get together to discuss how the Beatles song lyrics relate to faith and social dilemmas—and reflect the two hosts’ different generational “takes” on what the lyrics convey. We welcome your feedback! Follow us on social media for more news about all the activities at St. Barnabas Church in Irvington, NY