The Church’s Communication Management Intern, Hope, with the Rector discussing “Ash Wednesday” programs.

This year the Episcopal Clergy of the Diocese of New York will not be distributing ashes, based on a ruling by Bishop Andrew Dietsche intended to eliminate the possibility of spreading the coronavirus due to the proximity of priest and penitient.

I am in agreement and compliance with his ruling and at that the same time look back with longing to last year’s in-person distribution of ashes both at the altar and also at the train station as part of the annual “Ashes-to-Go” distribution.

Next year will be different and in the meantime, we carry our losses into the Lenten season.

In the News: Video, last year’s “Ashes-to-Go distribution” press review as seen on News 12 Westchester.

Reverend Gareth brought ashes to the masses on Ash Wednesday, 2020.

The Reverend Gareth brings ashes to the masses on Ash Wednesday.  As seen on News 12 Westchester.