Dear All,
In ten days, we will gather as a community for our Annual Parochial Church Meeting on Sunday, January 23rd at 11:30AM. With pandemic challenges in mind, the meeting will be held virtually via ZOOM; and in time-honored tradition will be a special date to take stock, take care of matters that reflect good governance of our resources, and good ordering of our shared life in Christ. It will also be an occasion to give thanks and to generate appreciation for all that we have been able to do this past year, in Christ’s name.

Here’s an extract from last Sunday’s sermon, given on the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord, that I believe is helpful to ponder as we prepare to gather in two Sundays’ time:

So, today’s gospel is a story about Jesus’ identity and calling as the Beloved Son of God; it has the power to become our story, too. Jesus’ baptism and our baptism into the Body of Christ begs the question: what are we called to do?” From the Latin word vocare, call has implications for us all, as we continue to respond to the complex challenges and opportunities life presents to us. Interestingly, Jesus doesn’t hear the voice from heaven say, “Okay, now here’s what I need you to do, dear boy!” – it’s not that kind of call, even for Jesus. Rather, the voice, “the call” is very much about the delight of God in his beloved Son. I love the idea that delight and appreciation in our being precedes any notion of what we might be doing. God, in the baptismal call, simply loves and names: “You are my beloved; with you I am well pleased.” This is where it begins; this is the source of spiritual empowerment from which we are invited to gain perspective on what it means to live a good life in Communion with Christ.”

Onward in the Light and Love of Christ,