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Recent Photos and Videos

Rev. Gareth brings ashes to the masses on Ash Wednesday

Members of the parish prepared St. Barnabas for the 2019 Christmas season.

2019 St. Barnabas Christmas
Members of the parish prepared St. Barnabas for the 2019 Christmas season as they brought the trees into the chapel on Saturday. The "Greening of the Church" was completed after the Sunday morning services.
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Members of St. Barnabas enjoy Reflections on Christ’s Nativity.

St. Barnabas Reflections on Christ's Nativity-01
Members of the Church of St. Barnabas were treated to a Reflections of Christ’s Nativity service held Sunday evening. David Laurance, Sarah Malin LeBuhn, David Snell joined the Rev. Gareth C. Evans in reading selected poems and scriptures. The choir, led by Donald G. Butt, offered carols throughout the service.Photographs by Jose R. Lopez
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Institution of Rev. Gareth Evans as Rector

Gareth's Instiution Service_01
The start of the Institution and Induction services of the Rev. Gareth C. Evans that were held at St. Barnabas on Sunday afternoon, Feb. 24, 2019.
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Parishioners gather for the Annual Meeting & Dinner

The Rev. Gareth C. Evans welcomes parishioners.
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Photo credits: José R. Lopez